Harvest Roasting Updates


April 2021 Harvest Order & Delivery Guides

We are excited to announce the opening of our 3rd distribution center in Dallas, TX!  Beginning April 5th, 2021, Harvest Roasting will follow a new shipping and delivery fulfillment schedule. Please review the schedules carefully as there are several changes with the addition of our Dallas distribution facility.

Beginning Wednesday, March 31st, the new order days are effective.
-Example- If your new delivery day is Monday, April 5th, the order must be submitted by 8pm on Wednesday, March 31st. If you have questions regarding when your orders should be submitted each week, please refer to the guide attached or reach out to your assigned FBC.  Harvest Roasting April 2021 Order Guide


Shipping Address Information

Please be sure to validate that the shipping address selected for your order is correct prior to submitting your order. 

Product Updates

Effective immediately, Harvest Roasting will no longer be placing frozen food products onto backorder

If a food product is ordered and unavailable at the time of your order’s fulfillment, it will be removed from your order.


 Harvest Roasting Quarterly Maintenance

 Harvest Roasting is offering a quarterly maintenance program for locations within 100 miles of our Omaha Corporate office. The revised program will be start January 2021. Preventative maintenance is critical for identifying small problems with your equipment before they turn into large, costly repairs and equipment downtime. You will experience less breakdowns, fewer repairs, and a longer service life of your equipment. You also receive discounted labor rates. If you would like to sign up for our maintenance program and are within 100 miles of Omaha, please fill out the Quarterly Maintenance Form. There is an attachment for pricing and maintenance details in the link to the Scooter’s Coffee Resource Center. Service may be canceled at any time by submitting a Scooter’s Coffee Resource Center Ticket to Harvest Service. If you have any questions, submit a ticket to Harvest Service through the Scooter’s Coffee Resource Center. 

 ***Please note: If you were previously enrolled for the Quarterly Maintenance, you are not automatically re-enrolled.  You would need to sign up again for the service. 


Discontinued Products 

Numi – Moracin Mint 100ct

Numi-Gun Powder Green 100ct

Energy Mix

Clif Zest Bars 

Clif Smores Bars