Harvest Roasting Updates

Weather Related Delays - Reminder

As we move into months with more active winter weather patterns, please take a moment to review guidelines regarding weather related delivery delays, & expectations regarding snow/ice removal.  Please reach out via SCRC ticketing to Harvest Distribution if you have any questions.  

Trucking is one of the most reported modes of transportation impacted by weather. You can help us avoid safety related incidents and some weather-related delays by ensuring all driveways, parking lots and walkways are free and clear of snow, ice, or any other debris prior to your delivery driver’s scheduled arrival.

Store Responsibility:

• During winter months, stores are responsible for keeping parking lots and sidewalks cleared of ice and snow for customers and deliveries. This helps to avoid long delays for delivery.

• If your store is unable to open due to a weather-related incident, please notify Harvest as soon as possible to make arrangements for alternative delivery options. If Harvest is not notified, stores will incur full cost of redelivery.

Harvest Roasting Feedback Form

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Harvest Roasting Order Guide


The current Harvest Roasting 2023 Order Guide can be found here.